Who and Why?

What is Skill Share Ottawa? What is this blog?

Skill Share Ottawa is a very new idea. We got together as a group of friends. We discovered that we all had some talent or hobby that was cool! Some of us could cook well, some could repair bikes, some could ride unicycles, some could do some woodworking.

We are getting together in a tool-filled space. We organize workshops where we teach each other how to build and repair things. We gather together to learn to do fun things (like juggle). If you’re interested, join the Facebook group, linked above.

Why Skill Share Ottawa?

The original idea was to do something between a repair café and a tool library.

This video is the best explanation for what a repair cafés. In the Netherlands, people are fed up throwing out things after they break. So they got together to teach each other how to repair their toasters etc. There is even a well thought-out manifesto.

Tool libraries are, well, libraries for tools. Many are run independently, some are affiliated with public (book) libraries. Imagine having a place to go to when you need a circular saw if you can’t afford a circular saw! There’s even a tool library in Vancouver.

Since a tool library requires a lot of money and a dedicated space, and since we want to do more than just fix our broken things, we started Skill Share Ottawa!

By the way, if this idea interests you and you can’t come to our meetings, rip off our idea! Get together with your friends and neighbours in your neighbourhood! We’ll help you out if you ask us on our Facebook page.

Why this blog?

Most of the gatherings and workshops will be organized via the Facebook page. We’re going to use this blog to post inspiration, cool stuff, and relevant events going on around Ottawa.

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