Brooklynization and Deskilling

I* recently read an interesting article sent to me by a good friend who has had no time yet to get to a skill share event. The article introduces a metaphorical “Brooklyn” that is ruining music. All music is turning homogenous, bland, and non-political because it is all starting to sound like everything. Regional music scenes are dying because everyone is going to “Brooklyn”, whether as a state of mind or as the place.

This reminds me of why I helped to start a skill share group.

We have been deskilled. Deskilling has flattened everything into grey just as “Brooklyn” has. There is a remarkably short article on Wikipedia on the topic. Since the world is so full of machines making everything for us cheaply, we are all losing skills. Few people are learning how to repair things, and worse, few are learning the mentality that says repairing is fun and the smart thing to do. When the printer breaks, it’s easier to buy a new one than to find someone who can fix it for you.

Repair is just one of the skills we have lost. I’m hoping to reverse this trend. The more that we can learn to do ourselves, the better off we are.

I could easily go on about deskilling. More on the topic will follow – if you have any relevant material, leave a comment!

*(Note: “I” am just one person in the skill share group.)
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2 Responses to Brooklynization and Deskilling

  1. Adam says:

    I’m not sure if it matters to most folks, but I find that no one has traditional survival skills, anymore.
    We’ve forgotten how to grow plants for food, how to harvest and then store them over the winter. Or even how to hunt and make/live in a forest shelter. Hell, even how to make a FIRE….

    Strange, you know? It means we’re stuck in this system, unless we have the true want and can learn the skills necessary to change this…. to start our own way of living.

    • It’s true that nobody has all the survival skills, but they are out there to be gathered if you have the patience to search for them. I went on a foraging session with someone a few months ago.

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