Another skill share out there

Someone once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

This is the case with skill share, too. Take the example of Transition Town Totnes. A small town got together to discuss peak oil and climate change. They run a Skillshare. (They also spell it as one word).

Transition Town Totnes' logo

The “transition towns” movement started at Totnes in 2006, well before the world was buffeted by the economic crisis. The movement is deeply concerned with fossil fuel dependence. And they started before the $120/barrel prices of 2008!

Skill Share Ottawa does not need to focus on the skills we might need when oil becomes less common. We don’t need to desperately learn to garden and use scythes. Talking with a few of the early participants, there is generally the idea that our motto should be something like, “Learn Shit, Have Fun.” Juggling and poi will still be there if oil runs dry, right?

That said, maybe the Transition movement is something that we can use as inspiration and guidance. There is a group for Ottawa out there, already.

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