Links of the Week

Here are some links of the week!


This is a wiki containing many articles about projects and technologies. In particular, there is a focus on “appropriate technology” – roughly, the kind of cheap and low-tech stuff that a group of determined minds can construct quickly.


Low Tech Magazine and No Tech Magazine:

I’m not sure why these two websites are separate. There is a lot of discussion about technology and energy in here. Plenty of detail as well. Low Tech Magazine’s obsolete technology section is fantastic. Take the article on Chinese wheelbarrows as an example. The blogroll fantastic as a time sink for those with too much free time.

Links: and

Frugally Sustainable:

I only found this site recently, so I haven’t explored it much. It has a lot of articles on alternatives to products for cleaning, soap, shampoo, etc., as well as a few on sewing. There’s a lot of inspiration here for quick projects!


Permanent Culture Now:

Finally, from a lot more of a political angle is Permanent Culture Now. The site has a lot for activism and a lot of interesting thought to chew on. This is their goal:

Our aim is to help foster a move towards a pragmatic, positive, social, economic and political transition to a permanent culture through sharing information, knowledge and also making crucial links between different areas of thought.

Hey, sharing information and knowledge is what Skill Share Ottawa is about, no? If you’re not interested in the political picture, check out their self-reliance section for articles about hands-on stuff to learn.


If everyone likes the kind of material I’m posting today, I will make this “Links of the Week” a regular feature of this blog.

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2 Responses to Links of the Week

  1. Adam says:

    Appropedia and Frugally Sustainable seem like valuable resources. The low tech and no tech links are fascinating, but almost completely useless in a practical sense (at least for my purposes). I think posting links like this is a fine idea, but maybe only do it when you want, or have a topic you’re delving into — not on a ‘routine’ basis. That’s my say, anyway.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for linking to us, that is great, cheers Mike Permanent Culture Now

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