Links of the Week

It’s December, so what better thing to think about than plants and gardening?

No, seriously. This year was the first year I had my own planter garden growing. It took me a while to plan it!

So now, when you go home for the holidays, remember to borrow a book about gardening off someone. Then when February-March rolls around and it’s time to buy seeds, you won’t be lost.

Brassica? What’s a brassica?

So here are a few plant-related links:

Plants for a Future has a lot of information about “edible and otherwise useful” plants.

Practical Plants: same deal. Great information here too.

Less directly-related to growing: Hidden Harvest Ottawa is a group aiming to pick fruit and nuts from trees around Ottawa. They also have surveyed the city and mapped a few trees!

And to sprinkle some variety on the links today, here are two forums:

PaleoPlanet Forums and BushcraftUK. I’ve looked around, but not very thoroughly – still! – these two sites look like they have a lot to offer if you want to learn some woodsy crafts!

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll be less busy in the next while and I’ll keep updating this blog in a regular-like fashion, okay?

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4 Responses to Links of the Week

  1. Adam says:

    I recently bought a book on homesteading. I know, right, I BOUGHT a book!? Strange days, these are. Anyway, this is all fairly far off for me, yet, but I like to consider various options for bush-living.
    Is cool show.

    • I definitely have to watch that. I’ve seen Dick Proenneke‘s documentary about his time alone in Alaska and it was fascinating. Especially how upbeat he was.

      Let me know how you’re finding the homesteading book!

    • kim says:

      Which book did you buy? Is it useful? Homesteading rules. I bought a book about it once and it was enlightening but it offered a light look on how to do about 2 billion different things but not anything in depth.

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