Generation Jobless

The CBC’s Doc Zone has put out a documentary about the situation of recent University graduates in Canada. It’s called Generation Jobless.

You can watch it online here.

I have only seen the trailer so far, but it’s interesting. An institution essentially run by the Baby Boomer generation is paying attention to the reality that young people have faced for years now. Statistics, typically counting those under 25 as youth, show that in Canada and many other countries, the unemployment rate for youth is double that of the general population.

I personally know more than a handful of young people who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, fail to find any worthwhile work, and go on to grad school. I would hate to see what kind of debt they are left to deal with once emerging out of academia.

The general atmosphere at skillshare meetings has been very DIY. We are teaching each other pretty successfully as young people. What we are learning may not land us jobs, but it will improve our lives. Gardening will give us peace of mind – and tasty salads. Learning to repair things will help us keep our expenses minimal. Working on electronics and programming will help us become reliant on ourselves and not large corporations for the technology we are interested in. Knitting, making slings, juggling, unicycling – all these are pretty cheap ways to keep ourselves entertained compared to going to the movies. Well, unicycling does require a bit of investment in materials up front…

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  1. Rachel says:

    This was really interesting!

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